Nina Wurzburger

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Forest Resources, University of Georgia

M.S. Soil Science, University of California Davis

B.S. Environmental and Resource Science, University of California Davis

Dana Carpenter

Graduate Student (M.S. in Ecology)

B.S. Forestry, Southern Illinois University

Jessie Motes

Undergraduate Researcher

Carter Coleman

Undergraduate Researcher

Hannah Goldberg

Undergraduate Researcher

Former Lab Members:

Graduate Students and Postdocs:

Carly Phillips (Ph.D. in Ecology) - Kendall Fellow with Union of Concerned Scientists

Jeffrey Minucci (Ph.D. in Ecology) - ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow with US EPA

Julie Tierney (M.S. in Ecology) - PhD student at Princeton University

Mike Ament (M.S. in Ecology) - PhD student at University of Vermont

Erin Coughlin (M.S. in Ecology) - Laboratory Technician at University of Georgia

Melanie Taylor (M.S. in Ecology) - Ecologist with USDA Forest Service

Courtney Collins (M.S. in Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development) - PhD student at UC Riverside

Megan Machmuller (Honorary Lab Member, Ph.D. in Ecology) - Postdoctoral Fellow at Colorado State University

Kelly Andersen (Postdoctoral Researcher) - Research Fellow at University of Exeter


Andres Baron

Austin Martin

Shialoh Wilson

Undergraduate Researchers:

Grace Anne Ingham

Evan Barnard

Sumaya El-Khalidi

Kelsey Morton

Jenna Peissig

Meryom Patillo

Undergraduate Assistants:

Annabelle Barr

Ramar Allen

Rose Parham

Clarissa Keisling

Tyler Ellison

Megan Kelley

Breanna Walker

David Blount

Amy Johnson

Connor Timpone

Brian McGann

Dina Abdulhadi

Brice Howell

Tierney O'Sullivan

Sheena Zhang