Nina Wurzburger

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Forest Resources, University of Georgia

M.S. Soil Science, University of California Davis

B.S. Environmental and Resource Science, University of California Davis

Melanie Taylor

Graduate Student (PhD in Ecology)

M.S. Ecology, University of Georgia

B.S. Biology, Concord University 

I am interested in understanding drivers of tree species assemblages in eastern North American forests and how changes in these assemblages impact ecosystem function. 

Jordan Argrett

Graduate Student (PhD in Ecology; co-advised with Dr. Anny Chung)

B.S. Environmental Sciences, Emory University

My primary research interests lie in plant-soil-microbe interactions and their potential impact on plant and soil community structure. My current interests lie in understanding how hemiparasitic plants affect nutrient cycling, aboveground plant competition, and belowground microbial community assembly.    

Jordan Argrett's website

Erik Jones

Graduate Student (PhD in Ecology)

B.A. Biology and Environmental Science, University of Minnesota Morris 

I am interested in understanding how fungi associated with plant roots shape organic matter in soils. My research focuses on the impact of trees like oaks and pines, and their ectomycorrhizal fungal partners, on the quantity and composition of soil organic matter in woodlands of the southeastern United States. 

Kayla Bonilla

Graduate Student (PhD in Ecology)

B.S. Biology, Wingate University

I am interested in how root-associated fungi (mycorrhizae) influence soil carbon and nitrogen cycling. I am particularly interested in investigating the nutrient uptake strategies and decay processes of two different groups of mycorrhizae, ectomycorrhizae (mostly tree-associated) and ericoid mycorrhizae (mostly shrub-associated). 

Angie Romano

Graduate Student (PhD in Plant Biology)

B.S. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida

M.S. Museum and Field Studies, University of Colorado 

I am broadly interested in the functional diversity and distribution of ectomycorrhizal fungi. More specifically, I am interested in how these traits change with ecological regime shifts, such as the reintroduction of fire to the ecosystem.

Former Lab Members:

Graduate Students and Postdocs:

Jessie Motes (M.S. in Ecology) - PhD student at Columbia University

Sarah Ottinger (M.S. in Ecology) - Contract Wetland Biologist, Tennessee Valley Authority

Irenee Payne (visiting graduate student from Oregon State University) - Research Technician with USDA Forest Service

Dana Carpenter (M.S. in Ecology) - Biologist and Natural Areas Manager, Baker University Wetlands and Discovery Center

Carly Phillips (Ph.D. in Ecology)  - Researcher in Residence, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

Jeffrey Minucci (Ph.D. in Ecology) - Physical Scientist, US Environmental Protection Agency

Julie Tierney (M.S. in Ecology) - PhD student at Princeton University

Mike Ament (M.S. in Ecology) - Physical Scientist, US Geological Survey

Aeran Coughlin (M.S. in Ecology) - PhD student at Duke University

Melanie Taylor (M.S. in Ecology) - Ecologist with USDA Forest Service

Courtney Collins (M.S. in Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development) - Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia 

Megan Machmuller (Honorary Lab Member, Ph.D. in Ecology) - Research Scientist at Colorado State University

Kelly Andersen (Postdoctoral Researcher) - Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University 


Andres Baron

Austin Martin

Shialoh Wilson 

Undergraduate Researchers:

Soumya Vajrala

Isabella Pellicano

Ian Morton

Erik Ramos

Carter Coleman

Hannah Goldberg

Grace Anne Ingham 

Evan Barnard 

Sumaya El-Khalidi 

Kelsey Morton 

Jenna Peissig

Meryom Patillo

Undergraduate Assistants:

Madison Caren

Christian Deneka

Anna Burkhart

Garrett Churchwell

Annabelle Barr

Ramar Allen 

Rose Parham 

Clarissa Keisling 

Tyler Ellison 

Megan Kelley 

Breanna Walker 

David Blount 

Amy Johnson 

Connor Timpone 

Brian McGann

Dina Abdulhadi 

Brice Howell 

Tierney O'Sullivan

Sheena Zhang